Kit modulaire avec plate-forme et double mains courantes (1100x5700mm long)

Modular Ramp System, 5700mm long, 1100mm wide, internal width 877mm, with double height handrails and mesh anti-slip surface.
Capacité (kg)200kg / sq. meter

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Modular Wheelchair Ramp Systems - Legal Compliance

These systems are designed to be both portable and temporary - therefore they do not need to comply with building regulations (Part M or Part K) - if you require your system to be compliant please get in contact as this something we can provide but the specification would need to be altered.

Modular Ramp Kit, 5700mm long, 1100mm wide, with double height handrails and mesh anti-slip surface. 

Kit includes:

  • Lead In Ramp: 340mm deep x 960mm long
  • Ramp Module incl. Double Height Handrails: 5700mm long x 1100mm wide
  • Platform incl. 2x Double Height Handrails: 1100mm wide x 1100mm long
  • Connection to step/threshold: 470mm deep x 960mm long; can be ordered cut to size if required. The necessary door measurements can be found here.
  • All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancement

All instructions and a video for assembling the system can be found here.

REF TRP-MS1100-5700
Capacité (kg) 200kg / sq. meter