Rampe de Transpalette 1800x1000mmx1000kg

A Single piece heavy duty loading ramp 1800 mm long x 1000mm wide x 1000kg Capacity perfect for manual pallet truck loading into a container or over kerbs.

Rampes pour transpalettes FAQ's

Longeur (mm)1800
Largeur (mm)1000
Hauteur (mm)70
Hauteur de chargement Maximale (mm)175
Poids (kg)34
Capacité (kg)1000
  • Option De Tete De Connexion
  • Installation Facile
  • 1 An De Garantie
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Aluminium Pallet Truck Loading Ramp feature:

Available in the lengths 1800mm, 2000mm and 2400mm, with Capacity of up to 1000kg and the width 1000mm. Those ramps are ideally suited for pallet trucks.

  • Rest on connection: to fit just rest on and start loading
  • Cut for a maximum load height of 175mm.
  • Perfect for loading pallets with a pallet truck into a container or over kerbs.
  • Entry onto ramp slightly smoother than our economy version.
  • Lies flat for easy storage when not being used
  • Manufactured from lightweight aluminium (type 6005A)
  • Robot welded for solid, strong and durable construction
  • Lightweight for easy handling 
  • Complies with Health & Safety Guidelines
  • Fully TUV Certified to 2000kg capacity as standard
  • Tested to 200% loading capacity
  • Angled foot, this allows for smooth access onto the ramp when using casters or wheels
  • No edges for easier handling on the ramp.

TUV Certification Image

Usage Guidelines and Safety Information for these ramps can be found here

Tête de connexion par défaut Tête Standard
Capacité (kg) 1000
Hauteur (mm) 70
Longueur (mm) 1800
Hauteur max de Chargement (mm) 175
Poids (kg) 34
Largeur (mm) 1000
1 an de Garantie Oui
Options de tête de connexion disponibles Oui
Installation Facile Oui
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