Cushion Trax™ Pre-Cut Grey

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The Cushion Trax Anti-fatigue Mat used in situations where a person is primarily standing in the same location for long periods of time. offers great support for workers and reduces the level of fatigue, mats are 14mm high. Available sizes: 60 cm x 91 cm - Weight 3.2kg 91 cm x 150 cm - Weight 7.8kg 91 cm x 300 cm - Weight 15.8kg 91 cm x 600 cm - Weight 31.6kg Suitable for dry areas only.

Tapis Anti-Fatigue FAQ's

Longeur (mm)600-6000
Largeur (mm)910
Hauteur (mm)14
Poids (kg)3.2 - 31.6
  • Installation Facile
  • 1 An De Garantie
  • Anti Fatigue
  • Anti Slip
  • Carts
  • Fire Resistant
  • Heavy Duty
  • Insulation
  • NSFI
  • Protection
  • Red Stop
5-9 jours
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Ergonomic benefit derived from a 14 mm thick worker platform of a long wearing top surface laminated onto a resilient micro-cellular vinyl base for maximum durability and fatigue relief.

Diamond plate pattern provides traction while allowing easy twist turns. Tested and certified by the National Floor Safety Insistute (NFSI).

  • Suitable for dry areas only
  • Diamond plate pattern
  • Easy to use - to fit just lay it on ground and start loading
  • Bfl-S1 fire rating
  • RedStop™ slip resistant backing
  • Uni-Fusion™ technology
  • Slip resistance R10 according to DIN51130 and BG-rule BGR181
  • Tested and certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI)
  • Featured with RedStop™ slip resistant backing to prevent mats from shifting
  • Available yellow borders along sides comply with OSHA code 1910-144
  • Beveled edges on all four sides to minimize risk of tripping
  • Uni-Fusion™ technology, engineered to resist in the harshest work environments
  • Free of DOP, free of DMF, free of ozone depleting substances, free of silicone and free of heavy metals
  • All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary due to product enhancement

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Hauteur (mm) 14
Longueur (mm) 600-6000
Poids (kg) 3.2 - 31.6
Largeur (mm) 910
Tapis Anti Fatigue, Anti Slip, Carts, Fire Resistant, Heavy Duty, Insulation, NSFI, Protection, Red Stop
1 an de Garantie Oui
Installation Facile Oui
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